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Фотографии с открытия Олимпийских игр в Пекине

photo © Heinz Kluetmeier/Sports Illustrated

photo © Heinz Kluetmeier/Sports Illustrated

photo © Heinz Kluetmeier/Sports Illustrated 

photo © Heinz Kluetmeier/Sports Illustrated

photo © John W. McDonough/Sports Illustrated

photo © John W. McDonough/Sports Illustrated

photo © Heinz Kluetmeier/Sports Illustrated

photo © Heinz Kluetmeier/Sports Illustrated

photo © Robert Beck/Sports Illustrated

photo © Robert Beck/Sports Illustrated

photo © Al Tielemans/Sports Illustrated

photo © Al Tielemans/Sports Illustrated

photo © Al Tielemans/Sports Illustrated

photo © Al Tielemans/Sports Illustrated

photo © Heinz Kluetmeier/Sports Illustrated

photo © Heinz Kluetmeier/Sports Illustrated

photo © Robert Beck/Sports Illustrated

photo © Robert Beck/Sports Illustrated

photo © Robert Beck/Sports Illustrated

photo © Robert Beck/Sports Illustrated

photo © Al Tielemans/Sports Illustrated

photo © Al Tielemans/Sports Illustrated

photo © Al Tielemans/Sports Illustrated

photo © Al Tielemans/Sports Illustrated

photo © Al Tielemans/Sports Illustrated

photo © Al Tielemans/Sports Illustrated

photo © Al Tielemans/Sports Illustrated

photo © Al Tielemans/Sports Illustrated

photo © Peter Read Miller/Sports Illustrated

photo © Peter Read Miller/Sports Illustrated

Олимпийские игры: День 1 (фото)

Олимпийские игры: День 2 (фото)

Олимпийские игры: День 3 (фото)

Олимпийские игры: День 4 (фото)

Олимпийские игры: День 5, 6 (фото)

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